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COVID-19 Information You Should Know

We currently do not provide testing for COVID-19 at Kids'n Teens Clinics, so if you need COVID-19 information or require a test for your child, please visit the United Memorial Screening Center COVID-19 testing website or

Our COVID-19 Policy

There are a lot of concerns out there about coronavirus and children and safety precautions. We understand those worries, and it's why we have these special recommendations in place. If you need to take a child for an appointment at one of our clinics, we ask that only one person over the age of 18 accompany the child. To protect our patients and staff, we urge that you do not take siblings, other children, or visitors under 18 to the appointment, if at all possible. As always, our focus is on providing the highest quality care to our patients, and we thank you for working with us during these trying times.